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Protects pressure gauges and pressure instrumentation from surges in flow or sudden venting in the event of line failure.

Materials: 316 Stainless Steel: body, cover, sleeve, cover gland. 300 Series Stainless Steel: ball

Vertical Installation: Since this type of check valve employs a non-spring loaded ball, valve MUST be installed in VERTICAL position with arrow on valve body pointing UP. (cover gland up).

Resetting Valve: Equalize the pressure across the ball. The ball will drop and reset automatically.

Caution: While testing has shown O-Rings to provide satisfactory service life, both cyclic and shelf life may vary widely with differing service conditions, properties of reactants, pressure and temperature cycling and age of the O-ring. FREQUENT INSPECTIONS SHOULD BE MADE to detect any deterioration, and O-rings replaced as required.

Caution: See Tubing section for proper selection of tubing.
Note: For optional material see Technical Information.

Note: Special material check valves may be supplied with four flats in place of standard hex.

All dimensions for reference only and subject to change.
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CXK4402 N/A SF250CX N/A 20000 psi1378.93 bar N/A 0.125 in3.18 mm N/A 0.37 Request Quote
CXK6602 N/A SF375CX N/A 20000 psi1378.93 bar N/A 0.218 in5.54 mm N/A 0.66 Request Quote
CXK9902 N/A SF562CX N/A 20000 psi1378.93 bar N/A 0.359 in9.12 mm N/A 0.212 Request Quote
CXK1202 N/A SF750CX N/A 20000 psi1378.93 bar N/A 0.516 in13.11 mm N/A 0.368 Request Quote
CXK1602 N/A SF1000CX N/A 20000 psi1378.93 bar N/A 0.688 in17.48 mm N/A 0.864 Request Quote
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