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Prevents reverse flow where leak-tight shut-off is not mandatory. When differential drops below cracking pressure, valve closes. With all-metal components, valve can be used up to 400°F (204°C). See Technical Information section for connection temperature limitations. (Not for use as a relief valve.)

Ball and poppet are an integral design to assure positive, in-line seating without “chatter”. Poppet is designed essentially for axial flow with minimum pressure drop.

Materials: 316 Stainless Steel: body, cover, ball poppet, cover gland. 300 Series Stainless Steel: ball, spring.

Minimum operating temperature for pipe ball check valves 0°F (-17.8°C).
Check Flow - water, GPM
For flow rates using alternate fluids, consult Autoclave Engineers.

CAUTION: While testing has shown O-Rings to provide satisfactory service life, both cyclic and shelf life may vary widely with differing service conditions, properties of reactants, pressure and temperature cycling and age of the O-ring. FREQUENT INSPECTIONS SHOULD BE MADE to detect any deterioration, and O-rings replaced as required.

NOTE: NPT (Pipe) Connections:
- NPT threads must be sealed using a high quality PTFE tape and/or paste product. Refer to thread sealant manufacturer's instructions on how to apply thread sealant.
- Sealing performance may vary based on many factors such as pressure, temperature, media, thread quality, thread material, proper thread engagement and proper use of thread sealant.
- Customer should limit the number of times an NPT fitting is assembled and disassembled because thread deformation during assembly will result in deteriorating seal quality over time. When using only PTFE tape, consider using thread lubrication to prevent galling of mating parts.
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CPB4400 N/A 1/4" NPT N/A 15.000 psi1034.20 bar N/A 0.12 in3.05 mm N/A 0.28 Request Quote
CPB6600 N/A 3/8" NPT N/A 15.000 psi1034.20 bar N/A 0.22 in5.59 mm N/A 0.84 Request Quote
CPB8800 N/A 1/2" NPT N/A 15.000 psi1034.20 bar N/A 0.36 in9.14 mm N/A 2.30 Request Quote
CPB12 N/A 3/4" NPT N/A 10.000 psi689.46 bar N/A 0.52 in13.21 mm N/A 4.70 Request Quote
CPB16 N/A 1" NPT N/A 10.000 psi689.46 bar N/A 0.69 in17.53 mm N/A 7.40 Request Quote
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