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Male /female adapters are designed to adapt a female connection to another size and/or type of connection without the need for additional couplings. In selecting an adapter involving two different sized connections, the larger connection should be on the male end where it is possible to maximize the mechanical strength of the adapter.

All Autoclave adapters are precision machined from coldworked Type 316 stainless steel.

Maximum pressure rating is based on the lowest rating of any component.
Actual working pressure may be determined by tubing pressure rating, if lower.
All Dimensions for reference only and subject to change.
For prompt service, Autoclave stocks select products. Consult factory.

Note: NPT (Pipe) connections
  • NPT threads must be sealed using a high quality PTFE tape and/or PTFE paste product. Refer to thread sealant manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply thread sealant.
  • Sealing performance may vary based on many factors such as pressure, temperature, media, thread quality, thread material, proper thread engagement and proper use of thread sealant.
  • Customer should limit the number of times an NPT fitting is assembled and disassembled because thread deformation during assembly will result in deteriorating seal quality over time. When using only PTFE tape, consider using thread lubrication to prevent galling of mating parts.
Unit of Measure

Male End Fits this Connection

N/A QS562

Female End

N/A 1/4 NPT

A - Hex

N/A 1.19 in30.1 mm

B - Length

N/A 2.22 in56.4 mm