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Autoclave Engineers offers a complete selection of austenitic, cold drawn stainless steel tubing designed to match the performance standards of Autoclave valves and fittings. Autoclave high pressure tubing is manufactured specifically for high pressure applications requiring both strength and corrosion resistance. The tubing is furnished in random lengths between 20 feet (6 meters) and 27 feet (8.2 meters). The average is 24 feet (7.3 meters). High pressure tubing is available in five sizes and a variety of materials. Special longer lengths are available. Consult factory.

Inspection and Testing
Autoclave Engineer’s high pressure tubing is inspected to assure freedom from seams, laps, fissures or other flaws, as well as carburization or intergranular carbide precipitation. The outside and inside diameters of the tubing are controlled within close tolerances. Sample pieces of tubing for each lot are tested to confirm mechanical properties. Hydrostatic testing is also performed on a statistical basis and is conducted at the working pressure of the tube. Autoclave will perform 100% hydrostatic testing at additional cost if desired.

Special Materials
In addition to the type 316 and 304 stainless steel tubing listed in this section, Autoclave has limited stock of hard-to-obtain shorter lengths of the following tubing materials in some sizes: Monel 400*, Inconel 600*, Titanium Grade 2*, Nickel 200*, Hastelloy C276* - (* Trademark names)

Please consult factory for stock availabilty.

1. Autofrettaged tubing available (see technical Information section: Pressure Cycling for Autofrettage information)
2. For HighPressure, High Cycle (HPHC) tubing, MS15-201, MS15-202, MS15-209, and MS15-210 are available. (See Technical Information section: Pressure Cycling for additional information)

All dimensions for reference only and subject to change.
For prompt service, Autoclave stocks select products. Consult your local representative.
All general terms and conditions of sale, including limitations of our liability, apply to all products and services sold.

High Pressure Tubing Section

Unit of Measure

Tube Materials

N/A 316SS

Fits Connection Type

N/A F250C

Outside Diameter Tube

N/A 1/4 in6.35 mm

Tolerance/Outside Diameter

N/A .248/.243 in6.30/6.17 mm

Inside Diameter Tube

N/A 0.083 in2.11 mm

Wall Thickness Tube

N/A 0.083 in2.11 mm

Flow Area

N/A 0.005 in²3.23 mm²

Working Pressure at -325 to 100°F (-198 to 37.8°C)

N/A 60000 psi4136.79 bar

Working Pressure at 200°F (93°C)

N/A 60000 psi4136.79 bar

Working Pressure at 400°F (204°C)

N/A 57750 psi3981.66 bar

Working Pressure at 600°F (316°C)

N/A 54250 psi3740.35 bar

Working Pressure at 800°F (427°C)

N/A 50700 psi3495.59 bar