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Autoclave Engineers bulkhead adapters are used to connect tubing or piping of different sizes and configurations through the panel. Bulkhead adapters are machined from cold worked stainless steel. Other material and connections are available. Contact your local Sales Representative for optional information.

Note: Special material adapters may be supplied with four flats in place of standard hex.

Gland and collar supplied with adapter.

All Dimensions for reference only and subject to change.
For prompt service, Autoclave stocks select products. Consult factory.
All general terms and conditions of sale, including limitations of our liability, apply to all products and services sold.
Unit of Measure

Male JIC

N/A 3/8 in

Female HP

N/A F250C

A - Panel Hole

N/A 0.94 in23.80 mm

B - Length

N/A 2.47 in62.7 mm

C - Length

N/A 1.09 in27.8 mm

D - Max Length

N/A 0.38 in9.53 mm

E - Hex

N/A 1.00 in25.40 mm