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Micrometering Valves

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VRMM Series MicroMetering Needle Valves


MicroMetering valves are designed for applications where more precise control of small flows is required than is possible with a standard regulating stem. Barrel and Thimble micrometer design permits settings to be repeated. Metering is effected by a finely tapered stem acting in a precisely mated replaceable seat. Very fine stem position is achieved utilizing a 40 TPI thread. The Barrel and Thimble are set for proper metering at the factory. These valves are designed for metering only and cannot be used as a shutoff valve. Minimum flow is factory set and occurs at “0” position. DO NOT OPERATE THE VALVE BELOW THE ZERO POSITION OR DAMAGE WILL RESULT. When shutoff action is required, a correlated shutoff valve from AE series 10V, 30VM or ...

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