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Autoclave Engineers manufactures high pressure fittings for both standard oil field service where H2S is not present and type SOGWO for service where H2S is present. Utilizing Autoclave high pressure coned-and-threaded connections, the SOGWO fittings detailed on this page are correlated for use with series 30VM-SOGWO and 60VM-SOGWO valves. Standard service fittings are correlated for use with series 30VM and 60VM valves. For complete information on standard service fittings, refer to Fitting and Tubing High Pressure Section.

Union Couplings are designed with a removable seat insert allowing disassembly and tubing removal without the necessity of loosening other items in a line.

Note: All sour oil and gas valves and fittings supplied without collars and glands unless otherwise specified.

All dimensions for reference only and subject to change.
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Unit of Measure

Connection Type

N/A F562C

Outside Diameter Tube

N/A 9/16 Inch14.29 mm

Pressure Rating

N/A 30000 psi2068.39 bar

Minimum Opening

N/A 0.188 Inch4.78 mm

A - Typical Hex

N/A 1.38 Inch35.05 mm

B - Width

N/A 2.19 Inch55.63 mm

C - Length

N/A 0.81 Inch20.57 mm

D - Typical Hex

N/A 1.19 Inch30.15 mm