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Item # CHLP, Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Pressures to 150000 psi (10342 bar)
Piston type air-operated valves offer a unique, reliable design providing for a long and dependable life. These valves are more compact than diaphragm valves and are appropriate for applications such as high-flow gas and liquid delivery systems to reactors and mixer/vaporizers.

Autoclave Engineer’s piston type actuators feature:

  • Small, compact, piston actuator.
  • Air-to-open or -close with spring return.
  • Yoke design for separation of process and air pressure. †
  • Ease of stem replacement.
  • Stem position indicator is standard. †
  • Positive shut-off metal-to-metal seating.
  • High actuator cycle life.
Air Operator Materials
Cylinder, piston, cover plates, spring housing
  • Anodized aluminum (for corrosion and wear resistance).
  • Painted Steel
Technical Data
Air Operator
  • Maximum allowable working pressure: 100 psi (6.89 bar)
  • Allowable piston temperature range: -20°F to 200°F (-29°C to 93°C)
  • Area of piston:

  • Light duty - 4.9 sq. in (31.6 sq. cm)
    Heavy-Light duty - 5.4 sq. in (34.8 sq. cm)
    Medium duty - 19.6 sq. in (126.5 sq. cm)
    Heavy duty - 39.2 sq. in (252.9 sq. cm)
    Extra Heavy duty single stage - 56 sq. in (361.3 sq. cm)
    Extra Heavy duty double stage - 112 sq. in (722.6 sq. cm)
  • Approximate air usage/cycle @ 100 psi (6.89 bar):

  • Light duty - .003 SCF (.00008 SCM)
    Heavy-Light duty - .007 SCF (.0002 SCM)
    Medium duty - .04 SCF (.0011 SCM)
    Heavy duty - .08 SCF (.0022 SCM)
    Extra Heavy duty single stage - .33 SCF (.0095 SCM)
    Extra Heavy duty double stage - .67 SCF (.019 SCM)
  • Tested to 100000 cycles at 100 psi (6.89 bar) with no leakage or signs of wear or fatigue.
† The standard Heavy-Light operator does not utilize the yoke design. A yoke design is available upon request.


Valve Series


Duty Rating






A - Height

2.61 Inch

B - Diameter

3.06 Inch


Valve Actuators Brochure
(PDF, 1475KB)

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