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Autoclave series 6DB double block valve is a two-stem ball valve providing an economical and convenient method of blocking and bleeding in applications such as pressure monitoring and test, chemical injection and drain line isolation. This full port quarter turn double ball valve is designed for operation up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar).

Double Block and Bleed Features:
  • One piece, trunion mounted stem design eliminates shear failure and reduces the effects of side loading found in two piece designs.
  • Re-torqueable seat glands for longer seat life.
  • Carbon filled PEEK seats offer excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and wear/abrasion.
  • Vee-stem vent valve.
  • Full-port flow path minimizes pressure drop.
  • 316 cold worked stainless steel construction.
  • Low friction pressure assisted graphite filled Teflon stem seal increases cycle life and reduces operating torque.
  • Quarter turn from open to close with positive stop.
  • Viton o-rings for operation from 0°F (-17.8°C) to 400°F (204°C).
Autoclave valves are complemented by a complete line of fittings, tubings and accessories. The 6DB Series is available with various connections and options.
Unit of Measure

End Connection Number

N/A M6

Connection Type

N/A SF375CX20

MAWP at Room Temperature

N/A 15000 psi1034 bar

Minimum Orifice

N/A 0.203 in5.16 mm

Vent Connection Number

N/A M4

Vent Connection

N/A SF250CX20

Seat Gland Hex

N/A 1.38 in35.05 mm

A - Height

N/A 7.14 in181.36 mm

B - Length

N/A 8.81 in223.77 mm

C - Width

N/A 6.00 in152.40 mm

D - Length

N/A 1.5 in38.1 mm

E - Length

N/A 12.94 in328.68 mm

F - Height

N/A 1.38 in35.05 mm

G - Spacing of Holes

N/A 5.00 in127.00 mm

H - Dimension

N/A 3 in76.20 mm

J - Dimension

N/A 0.41 in10.41 mm

K - Diameter

N/A 0.28 in7.11 mm

L - Height

N/A 3.19 in81.03 mm

M - Height

N/A 2.38 in60.45 mm

N - Length

N/A 0.65 in16.51 mm

O - Dimension

N/A 0.5 in12.70 mm

Block Thickness

N/A 1.75 in44.45 mm

N/A High Temperature Option:
HT - for media temperature up to 500°F (260°C)

See ball valve options/details for full description, connection details and high temperature options.

For material options consult factory.

N/A Consult your Autoclave representative for pricing on repair kits. Refer to the Operation and Maintenance manual for proper maintenance procedures.