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    Pneumatic Actuator
    Pressures to 150000 psi (10342 bar)

    Six sizes of air operators (light, heavy light, medium, heavy duty or extra heavy, single and double stage) are offered for remote on-off operation or automatic operation of Autoclave Engineer’s low, medium or high pressure valves. The actuators are available in air-to-open (normally closed) and air-to-close (normally open) designs.

    Remote on-off Autoclave Engineer’s air-operated valves (ATO- Air-To-Open or ATC-Air-To-Close) can be controlled by a 3-way manual low pressure valve or by a low pressure solenoid valve. These are actuated by either a manual switch or an automatic control instrument. Autoclave Engineer’s air-operated, high pressure valves permit process control from a remotely located panel without the necessity of piping high pressure lines to the control panel. Safety is greatly increased and process “hold-up” is reduced.

    Prudent selection of ATO or ATC valves, together with the air controlling devices, permits the design of systems to “fail safe” in either the closed or open condition in the event of loss of operating air, or electrical failure, or malfunction.

    Where explosion proof conditions are a requirement, pneumatic actuated valves can be considered. Remote mounting of the solenoid valve removes the potential from the hazardous area.

    Ordering Procedure
    To order a valve with an air operator, select the duty rating and type of the air operator from the chart below. Add the air operator identifying suffix to the catalog number of the Autoclave Engineer’s valve. To order a 2-way straight, 30VM vee stem, 9/16” valve with a medium duty air-to-close air operator, specify: ex: 30VM9071-C1S for a yoke style piston air actuated valve or 30VM9071-CM for an integral style diaphragm air operated valve.

    To order the same valve with an extended high temperature stuffing box, add HT to the ordering number: ex: 30VM9071- C1SHT or 30VM9071-CMHT.

    To order a dual air operator manifold valve, specify both operators if different. The same valve with a medium duty ATC on one stem and a medium duty ATO on the other, specify: ex: 30VM9075-C1SO1S.

    To order a valve with operators for outdoor service add an “OD” suffix to the catalog number.