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  • Diverter_20DV_Series

    Autoclave Engineers diverter valves provide the ability to direct incoming flow to one of two outlets. Flow is changed by rotating the handle in or out causing a double-ended stem to block the flow path to the outlet not needed. Diverter valves eliminate the need for multiple valves and the possibility of error in flow direction changes.

    AE Diverter Valve Features:

    • Diverts incoming flow to one of two outlet lines.
    • Tubing sizes from 9/16” to 1”.
    • Rising stem/barstock body design.
    • Non-rotating stem prevents stem/seat galling.
    • Metal-to-metal seating achieves bubble-tight shut-off, longer stem/seat life in abrasive flow, greater durability for repeated on/off cycles and excellent corrosion resistance.
    • PTFE (Teflon) encapsulated packing provides dependable stem and body sealing.
    • Stem sleeve and packing gland materials have been selected to achieve extended thread cycle life and reduced handle torque.
    Autoclave valves are complemented by a complete line of fittings, tubing, and accessories.The 20DV series uses Autoclave’s medium pressure connection. This coned and threaded connection provides a reliable bubble-tight seal for dependable performance to 20000 psi (1379 bar).

    The 20DV Series valves are furnished complete with connection components, unless otherwise specified.

    Panel mounting drill size: 0.22" all valves.
    All dimensions for reference only and subject to change.
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